Monday, December 15, 2008

Bit O' Honey

Right then, enough with the bitchy-bitchy, I just re-started blogging and so far it's all gloom and doom. I used to have a blog, by the same name, but after Drew was born I kind of felt devoid of creativity for about a year and I let it lapse.
I'm in a better mood. By sheer force of will. Oh, and reminding myself that I have a wonderful, loving husband, an adorable if precocious baby boy, a strong roof over my head, a steady stream of money coming in, and a bright future. I needed a kick in the mental butt. Butt head. Whatever.
I'm venturing into Seattle on Wednesday for a Thai massage. I'm pretty apprehensive, my friend Maggie recommended this practitioner, Ms. Lek, and said that her experience was phenomenal. She said she cried through about 90% of the experience, both from discomfort and from release. I could use a little release.

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