Sunday, December 14, 2008


I'm tired of doing nothing. My husband and/or child have been sick for a week and we've done little but sit around the house. Mike says "You can go do whatever you want -- I'll take care of Drew." But that's now how I want to spend Mike's time off. I'd like to spend it with my family, doing fun things and enjoying the holidays by taking advantage of all the festivals and special events that come this time of year. Unfortunately, my husband isn't of the same mind, and so we are at impasse. And I'm grumpy.
We're heading to my parents' house for Christmas, we'll leave Saturday and come home Thursday. Our big family Christmas party is Saturday evening, and I'm hosting a get-together for some high school friends at my parents' place on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it; something has to shake this holiday funk I'm in.

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